12 ore nella vita di io (Italian Edition)

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It is the sublimity of a despair not to be relieved by utterance. In his later sonnets, Laura grows more distinctly individual to us; her traits show themselves as more characteristic, her temperament more intelligible, her precise influence upon Petrarch clearer. What delicate -xiii- accuracy of delineation is seen, for instance, in the sonnet Dolci durezze!

In the sonnet Gli angeli eletti visions multiply upon visions. Would that one could transfer into English the delicious way in which the sweet Italian rhymes recur and surround and seem to embrace each other, and are woven and unwoven and interwoven, like the heavenly hosts that gathered around Laura.

This is one of the last Dicemi spesso. How true is its concluding line! Who can wonder that women prize beauty, and are intoxicated by their own fascinations, when these fragile gifts are yet strong enough to outlast all the memories of statesmanship and war? Next to the immortality of genius is that which genius may confer upon the object of its love. Laura, while she lived, was simply one of a hundred or a thousand beautiful and gracious -xiv- Italian women; she had her loves and aversions, joys and griefs; she cared dutifully for her household, and embroidered the veil which Petrarch loved; her memory appeared as fleeting and unsubstantial as that of woven tissue.

After five centuries we find that no armor of that iron age was so enduring. The kings whom she honored, the popes whom she revered are dust, and their memory is dust, but literature is still fragrant with her name. An impression which has endured so long is ineffaceable; it is an earthly immortality. The translator of this book probably used as his source an edition in which spelling and punctuation were somewhat modernized; these modernizations have not been altered in this e-book. The original book was printed almost entirely in italics, which are not marked as such in this e-text.

Printer errors in the English introduction have been corrected without note. O joyous , blossoming, ever-blessed flowers! O grove, so dark the proud sun only lets His blithe rays gild the outskirts of thy towers! O pleasant country-side! O limpid stream, That mirrorest her sweet face, her eyes so clear, And of their living light canst catch the beam!

I envy thee her presence pure and dear. There is no rock so senseless but I deem It burns with passion that to mine is near. And thus I live: and thus is loosed and wound The thread of life which unto me was given By this sole Siren who with us doth dwell. Aer felice, col bel vivo raggio Rimanti.

I seem to find her now, and now perceive How far away she is; now rise, now fall; Now what I wish, now what is true, believe. O happy air! Why can I not float with thee at thy call?


Qual donna attende a gloriosa fama Di senno, di valor, di cortesia, Miri fiso negli occhi a quella mia Nemica, che mia donna il mondo chiama. Doth any maiden seek the glorious fame Of chastity, of strength, of courtesy? Gaze in the eyes of that sweet enemy Whom all the world doth as my lady name! But the infinite beauty that all eyes doth fill, This none can learn!

Inferno: Canto 15

O wandering steps! O vague and busy dreams! O changeless memory!

Viegnes: Space As Love in the Vita Nuova

O fierce desire! O passion strong! O haunted life! O souls of love and passion! Linger, and see my passion and my grief. I once beheld on earth celestial graces And heavenly beauties scarce to mortals known, Whose memory yields nor joy nor grief alone, But all things else in cloud and dreams effaces. I saw how tears had left their weary traces Within those eyes that once the sun outshone, I heard those lips, in low and plaintive moan, Breathe words to stir the mountains from their places.

Love, wisdom, courage, tenderness, and truth Made in their mourning strains more high and dear Than ever wove soft sounds for mortal ear; And heaven seemed listening in such saddest ruth The very leaves upon the bough to soothe, Such sweetness filled the blissful atmosphere.

And yet I live! Myself I grieve and scorn, Left dark without the light I loved in vain, Adrift in tempest on a bark forlorn; Dead is the source of all my amorous strain, Dry is the channel of my thoughts outworn, And my sad harp can sound but notes of pain. The soul that all its blessings must resign, And love whose light no more on earth finds room Might rend the rocks with pity for their doom, Yet none their sorrows can in words enshrine; They weep within my heart; no ears they find Save mine alone, and I am crushed with care, And naught remains to me save mournful breath.

Assuredly but dust and shade we are; Assuredly desire is mad and blind; Assuredly its hope but ends in death. Dreams bore my fancy to that region where She dwells whom here I seek, but cannot see. My bliss no human thought can understand; I wait for thee alone, and that fair veil Of beauty thou dost love shall yet retain.

The holy angels and the spirits blest, Celestial bands, upon that day serene When first my love went by in heavenly sheen, Came thronging, wondering at the gracious guest. A police inspector of the Anti-Mafia Investigation Department DIA of Milan informed the DDA that the pentito , Carmine Schiavone cousin of boss Francesco Schiavone , aka Sandokan , had informed him of a plan, already in operation, to kill the writer and his bodyguards before Christmas through a spectacular attack on the highway between Rome and Naples [32] in the style of Capaci.

Yet, when interrogated by magistrates, Carmine Schiavone denied knowing about a plan hatched by the Casalesi to kill Saviano, provoking the writer's immediate response: "It's obvious that he'd say this; if he were to talk [about the plan], it would mean implicitly admitting to still having connections with organized crime". In the end the district attorney heading the investigation requested and obtained dismissal of the case after the news was revealed to be unfounded.

Contributions to Christian Education

Carmine Schiavone denied knowing anything about the attack but confirmed that Saviano was condemned to death by the Casalese clan. In October , Saviano decided to leave Italy "at least for some time and then we'll see", [34] also as a result of threats, which were confirmed by reports and statements from informants, revealing the Casalese clan 's plan to eliminate him.

I believe I have the right to a break. Over the years I have thought that giving in to the temptation to retreat was neither a very good idea nor, above all, an intelligent one. I believed that it was rather stupid—in additional to being improper—to give up, to bend to men who are nothing, people whom you abhor for what they think, for how they act, for how they live, and for their very being. But, in this moment, I don't see any reason why I should insist on living in this way, as a prisoner of myself, of my book, of my success.

The 38 best Italian learning tools: from beginner to advanced

Fuck success. I want a life. That's it. I want a house. I want to fall in love, to drink a beer in public, to go to a bookstore and to choose a book by reading the cover. I want to go for a stroll, to sunbathe, to walk under the rain, to meet people without fear and without frightening my mother. I want to be surrounded by my friends, to be able to laugh, and to not have to talk about myself, always about myself as though I were terminally ill and they were struggling with a boring, yet inevitable, visit. Damn it, I'm only twenty-eight years old!

And I still want to write, write, write because it's my passion and my resistance. And in order to write, I need to plunge my hands into reality, to cover myself in it, to smell its odor and its sweat, and to not live quarantined in a hyperbolic chamber inside military barracks—today here, tomorrow two hundred kilometers away, moved like a package without knowing what happened and what can happen.

A perennial state of bewilderment and insecurity keeps me from thinking, reflecting, concentrating on what I have to do. Sometimes I surprise myself thinking these words: I want my life back. I silently repeat them, one by one, to myself. People unfamiliar with Camorra power dynamics often think that killing an innocent person is a naive gesture on the part of the clans because it only legitimizes and amplifies the victim's example and words, a confirmation of the truths he spoke.

That's never the way it is. As soon as you die in the land of the Camorra, you're enshrouded in countless suspicions, and innocence is a distant hypothesis, the last one imaginable. You are guilty until proven innocent. In the land of the Camorra, the theory of modern rights is turned on its head. On October 20, , six international Nobel Prize winners rallied in support of Roberto Saviano, [36] asking the Italian government to do something to protect him and to defeat the Camorra and emphasizing the fact that organized crime is not merely a problem for police that only concerns the writer, but is a problem for democracy that concerns all free citizens.

The appeal of the six Nobel laureates concludes that these citizens cannot tolerate the fact that the events described in Saviano's book are taking place in in Europe, just as they can't tolerate that the price one pays for denouncing these events means losing one's freedom and safety. After the initiative, various radio stations opened their microphones to debates and comments on the subject. The program Fahrenheit on Italy's Rai Radio 3 organized a marathon reading of Gomorrah in which celebrities from the world of culture, news, theater, and civil society participated.

Numerous Italian cities also offered honorary citizenship to the writer, while many schools subscribed to the appeal. In addition to the signatures of the six prominent figures, normal citizens were able to sign the appeal on a special page created by the newspaper La Repubblica.

More than , signatures were collected.

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In October , the head of the Rapid Response Team of Naples, Vittorio Pisani, questioned the need for a security detail to protect Roberto Saviano, [38] maintaining that the death threats had not been confirmed. In the director Pasquale Squitieri also cast doubt on the appropriateness of the security detail. According to him, Saviano went to the Cannes Film Festival "probably to put on a bit of a show" and "those who are really targets have body guards, of course, but they are also prohibited from flying on [commercial] planes and frequenting public places because they could put themselves and others in danger.

The head of police, Antonio Manganelli replied by reaffirming the need for bodyguards. The district attorneys Raffaele Cantone and Franco Roberti, both magistrates with years of experience on the front lines fighting against the clans, reiterated Saviano's dangerous situation. The journalist Giuseppe D'Avanzo wrote a piece for La Repubblica requesting the resignation of the head of the Rapid Response Team for his declarations.

Saviano replied in an article for La Repubblica , denouncing the attempt to isolate him and to cause the "disintegration" of the public's solidarity with him, comparing his case with those of Peppino Impastato, Giuseppe Fava, and Giancarlo Siani. Following Pisani's initiatives, Saviano had to " exhibit, as requested, the real cause of the threats. On May 19, , Pisani, testifying during the trial of the Casalesi bosses and their lawyers, who had used an istanza di remissione to threaten Saviano and others in the courtroom, renounced the headline of the interview that he had given to the Corriere della Sera in Saviano should not have bodyguards.

He also clarified the content of the investigation his team had conducted on the threats to Saviano: "We investigated and showed some photos to Saviano, who, however, did not identify them as the people who had threatened him.

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  • The decision to assign a security detail was obviously not up to us. Pisani, therefore, explained that he did not say the words pronounced in the article since the Carabinieri Italy's national military police were the ones who had to make the decision concerning Saviano's security detail. In the internet site Carmilla Online collected signatures in support of the ex-terrorist member of PAC Armed Proletarians for Communism , Cesare Battisti , who had become a writer and was then hiding in France and Brazil. They collected more than 1, signatures from the political-cultural arenas of France and Italy.

    This petition attracted media attention thanks to the interest of the weekly magazine Panorama. During the demonstration For Truth, for Israel , organized by representative Fiamma Nirenstein of the PdL and held in Rome on October 7, , Saviano participated through a video message, praising the Hebrew state as a place of freedom and civilization.