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Hundreds of thousands of Northern California residents are bracing for another round of widespread, deliberate blackouts after Pacific Gas and Electric Co. About , customers, in 15 counties in the Sierra Foothills and the North Bay, likely would be affected by the blackouts, expected to extend more than 48 hours. Report a correction or typo.

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We now know the cause of New York's massive blackout

Pawn shop customer shot while trying to stop robbers dies. At the same time, the peak load has increased from MW to MW in the last two months, causing a deficit of 36 megawatts during peak load times. He said the drop in capacity was caused by ongoing maintenance activities at a number of power plants in the region as well as the prolonged dry season.

Taufiq said the current drought had lowered water supplies at the company's nine micro-hydro power plants in North and East Lombok.

He offered an apology to the public and promised the inconveniences would be resolved by the end of December, as the situation was expected to return to normal later this month. Unfortunately, spare parts were not available in NTB and had to be ordered from Surabaya, East Java, or imported from abroad.

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A couple people just climbed off the train and walked back to the station. The underground transit disruptions sent subway commuters scrambling for the streets.

Canceled shows and other events only added to the crowds. The sidewalks of midtown Manhattan quickly became congested with foot traffic. Fire trucks are here because people are stuck in elevators in adjacent building. Massive blackout at Columbus circle.

‘I’m Out’: PG&E Blackouts Stagger Californians - WSJ

Just climbed down 50 flights of stairs from my apartment. All of Columbus circle without power.

New York Blackout of 1977

Subway and lights too pic. At least 37K without power Blackout pic.

Today in Focus podcast: Crisis in Kashmir

The outage happened so suddenly that regular folks had to help out until emergency personnel could arrive on scene. This one guy directing traffic with his cane wins at New Yorkerness.

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Jennifer Lopez felt especially bad about having to call off her MSG show a mere 20 minutes in. The blackout hit right in the middle of a performance.

Lopez recorded multiple videos for her fans, apologizing for the disruption and promising a re-do for the canceled performance.