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Using Attraction Marketing to Triple your Leads

This is accomplished through developing your brand marketing strategy by evaluating your marketing goals, evaluating how your are performing, and adjusting your plan using metrics. Attraction marketing is all about making your brand more attractive to your buyer personas as well as attracting them to you through inbound marketing. Be careful though, as storybranding and storytelling are two different animals.

Your brand story sets up the foundation for who you are and what you do and, if done right, will be the thing that your buyers admire as they meander through your sales funnel. Of course, all of that magnificent storybranding will be for naught without a quality website and some killer SEO which is exactly why you need to shore up your website: to be seen. The gateway to your brand story and to your attraction marketing as a whole goes through your website which may very well be your most valuable sales asset.

Most importantly, it puts you on a level playing field with your competition through the necessary exposure of the internet.

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Getting folks to that site comes down to search engine optimization which spans both organic and pay per click by optimizing your website for greater results. While SEO is an intrinsic tool to have, the quality of the content you provide on your site is what keeps buyers there and hooks them in to your sales process.

Want to learn more about how to create quality content? Read this article on how to create content for each sale funnel stage. Possibly one of the most useful parts of attraction marketing for your business is that you become the thought leader in your industry.

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Thought leadership though is more than simply having quality content and making that content relevant to your target audience. It deals with the entire suite of broadcasting your brand, who you are, and what you know about your industry and the solutions you have available across many different avenues.

Attraction Marketing For Dummies…..

Social media, trade shows, marketing metrics, and lead nurturing all make up vital pieces of your thought leadership toolset. You will find a lot of marketing plans in the market, and one of these is attraction marketing.

Sometimes, when you walk through a supermarket, you find stalls where food is served for free tasting, like a hotdog, for example. You come over and take a small serving of their hotdog. You realize that it tastes good and you want to take some home to cook and serve to your kids.

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  4. From this point, you want to ask about the hotdog. You approach the person in the stall and they point you to the aisle where it is sold.

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    You take a package and place it in your cart to purchase. You leave the stall without buying hotdogs. A few days later, your daughter comes up to you, requesting hotdogs for breakfast the next day. You immediately think back to that day at the supermarket.

    STEP 2 - Define Your Audience

    That afternoon, you probably went back and made a beeline for the aisle where the hotdogs you tried were displayed. Attraction marketing is a strategy where customers are attracted to purchase something without being told to do so. Its fundamental principle is to show customers the desirability of the product you are selling. You do not sell them the product. You just let them see how good it is. The customer now realizes that he wants to purchase it for himself and asks you where he could get it, simply because he is ready to buy it. Attraction marketing can be a very effective strategy when you want to see your leads triple.

    It is a timeless marketing strategy that salespeople have used and seen results from. How can you master the art of attraction marketing? When you are starting your business, you have to make yourself visible. You can start a blog and review your products. You can put up ads online.

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    The options are endless. If you are confident about the quality of your products, it shows in your reviews. In this world where online businesses are booming, customers have already devised a way to choose which sellers are legitimate.