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She even searched Mihailo, the porter, herself.

Note: In addition to relatively lengthy passages from these works, each exam contains a brief quotation in a section called a "Critical Lens. Works used with minor alterations but without indication of changes. They were saving to buy microscopes. In their bedrooms they fashioned plankton nets.

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I know a rock pit back in the woods. We wore only blue jeans. I remember a mild shock at the absence of anything but air against my skin. We hid our ignorance from each other, making oblique wisecracks to cover it up. She said that, sure, singing helped the day go by. Singing about sadness unburdens your soul.

But the blues hollerers shouted about more than being sad. They were also delivering messages in musical code. If the master was coming, you might sing a hidden warning to the other field hands. That was important for the women because the master could have anything he wanted.

If he liked a woman, he could take her sexually. And the woman had only two choices: Do what the master demands or kill herself. There was no in-between. The blues could warn you what was coming. I could see the blues was about survival. The album is co-produced Electronic , House Music , Jazz. Soul Jazz Records , Brazilian. Reggae , Dancehall. Black Man's Pride Soul Jazz Records While the righteousness of blackness is at the heart of the Rastafarian faith, this collection illustrates how black pride remained a central theme, if From running Watch Channel 4 news piece Also available as a very limited House Music , Electronic.

Nu Yorica Roots! She teaches blues to the youths coming from L.

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B King, not just to the youth but also to children and adults that do not know them. By Carolyn W. This is your opportunity to see student created Blues Music Collages illustrating what kids today think of blues music and blues artists such as B.

Another Bleus project created and produced by Dr. Carolyn W.

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Gaines in effort to keep blues alive. Gaines in effort to keep Blues Alive Jim Gaines, for a telephone interview. Jim Gaines the non-stop music producer recalled some ten years ago when I called him to produce an album about Blues great Roy Gaines. Carolyn Gaines asked Jim several Question 7: What message can you send to the young kids who are not listening to Blues music or recording Blues in a studio? Answer: ''I think the kids should listen to Blues to be exposed to the Blues.

The Barrio Boyzz

Everyone's generation has it's own music. I work with a lot of young artists who are exposed to the Blues. Their parents played the Blues, and some of the kids got to listen to blues and felt in love with the Blues? Blues have been out a long, long time!

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Gaines is a Blues Singer that love the Blues, and always finds a way to keep Blues alive Gaines, www. King, and Roy Gaines my father? Cyril said,'' I think the Blues is a Universal Feeling band is expressed differently by everyone who loves and plays it.

What would this world be without the music of B. King, without Bobby Blue Bland doing his thing? Gaines Indio, Ca. Gaines effort in keeping Blues alive in the write up about Diana Ross. I used to attend Motown Recording Session with my father. Roy Gaines was a hot session guitarist for Motown Records. Gaines' guitar riffs and sols are on Diana Ross recordings and Stevie Wonder.

President of the bluesschools program interviews rock star, Eric Johnson and Blues rockstar Kenny Wane Shepherd while he was on the road to perform at the Jimy Hendrix Experience concert to open for Buddy Guy, King - thanks to special program Carolyn Washington-Gaines produced meet and greet with the king of blues B.