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The rubber compound used in the tyres is designed to work best at this high temperature. This is why the teams pre-heat their tyres so they work optimally from the start. This why climbing shoes work best in the cold. Because it is too cold for the hands to sweat but not too cold to warm up. Yes shoes would work best but the hand grip would be sub-optimal and therefore you would never have optimal hand and foot grip at the same time.

When edging the contact area is limited to the size of the edge. New shoes are better at edging for two reasons, firstly the rubber is harder before it is worn in and secondly the edge of the shoe is better defined so the contact area is larger. Ideally we would have rubber compounds designed for edging and others for smearing.

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Also since any given rubber compound is designed to work optimally at a specific temperature, one that works best bouldering in Font in January will underperform sport climbing in Spain in June. All rubber compounds are a compromise between these and many other factors. So it seems that shoe and rubber design has a long way to go in terms of customisation. This bulk effect is a significant factor in the high friction properties of rubber.

This energy loss hysteresis depends on temperature and frequency think of frequency as a measure of roughness i. Car tyres have tread to improve contact between the tyre and the road in wet conditions. The thread allows the water on the surface of the road to escape as the tyre presses onto it. However if the road is dry the tread reduces the contact area between the tyre and the road and hence the grip. This is why threadless tyres are used in motor racing when the track is smooth and dry.

Our skin has a certain amount of strength ie. Once the pressure is above this threshold our skin will tear. This is another reason why increasing the contact area is so important, spreading the load will prevent our skin from tearing.

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With a foreword by renowned climber Johnny Dawes, the book features over stunning photos from the best bouldering areas in the world including Bishop, Castle Hill, Fontainebleau, Hueco Tanks and Rocklands. Bouldering Essentials will provide all the inspiration and information you need to reach your full potential as a boulderer. Friction ridges occur in patterns fingerprint. There is a product available on the web called Anti-Hydral cream a. It can be bought www. The cold has a two pronged effect on our hands. Firstly our hands sweat less and secondly our skin becomes harder the cold reduces the fluidity of the liquids that constitute our cellular membranes.

Dry hard hands have better friction than soft, damp ones. The wind affects hand friction but not foot friction.

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To date, no scientific research supports this practice; indeed, some evidence suggests that magnesium carbonate could decrease the coefficient of friction. Fifteen participants were asked to apply a force with the tip of their fingers to hold a flattened rock normal force , while a tangential force pulled the rock away. The coefficient of friction—that is, the ratio between the tangential force pulling the rock and the normal force applied by the participants —was calculated. Coating chalk vs no chalk , dampness water vs no water and rock sandstone, granite and slate were manipulated.

Though, if there is already some peeling and cracking, if you use the right product, you can treat these issue from home. Cracking in which puss oozes out or bleeding from deep cracks often needs to be treated by the vet, as infection may be present. To prevent winter related issues with the nose, you will want to routinely use a quality nose balm.

It will keep it properly hydrated during the winter though we recommend maintenance levels all year round, with summer being a concern as well. Some contain chemicals and additives that not only are not effective, but can also cause more irritation to an already sensitive area. For normal winter maintenance, apply this 1 time per week.

Chillhop Essentials - Winter 2016 [Instrumental & Jazz Hip Hop Music]

The cold dry winter air can have a brutal effect on both skin and coat. Skin will become dry you may notice some flaking and the coat can lose its shine. Over the course of the season, it can become coarse and brittle, essentially looking like the epitome of unhealthy fur.

“I personally love this weather” | Bombers looking forward to cold, snow

What can happen in the winter :. And remember, even inside, your heating system will add heat but not moisture. Baths — Many owners tend to give less baths in the winter. These build up over time. So, continue to give your Boxer puppy or dog a bath every 3 weeks for proper winter care. Keta, at 3 years old, p hoto courtesy of Kerry de Viet.

Bath products — Soap is soap, right? Some products cheap ones are not properly pH balanced. Humans need a pH balance of about 5. Dogs need a pH balance of 7 to 7.

“I personally love this weather” | Bombers looking forward to cold, snow

We need different levels than our dogs because our epidermis the top layer of skin is 18 to 20 cells thick and it is only 8 to 10 cells thick on canines. In addition, part of winter care for a Boxer should involve making sure the bathing products add even extra moisture to combat what the dry air is continually sucking out moisture.

If the skin is already irritated and itchy, consider use a specialty shampoo to restore things see below. Protecting the fur:.

But now the shampoo is washed out and the conditioner will only protect to a certain degree. Reduce static Reduce damage from contact friction the continual wear on the coat from contact and movement again surfaces Prevent breakage Help both skin and coat retain moisture As an added bonus, it gives a nice, clean scent. Be sure to get all areas of the body, even the tail.

If you keep on a regular schedule, this only needs to be done about 2 times a week. If you have any left at the end of winter, no worries, this is great in the summer too, to prevent the drying effects of the sun and the fading that can go along with that. Recommended wintertime coat products:.

This is ideal for regular use to keep skin and coat healthy. This keeps skin and coat in great shape, and keeps a Boxer smelling pretty good in between baths. No doubt, for many people winter is miserable and dreams of one day relocating south are strong in their minds.

Boxer Dog Winter Care

Alternatively, you may be true New Englanders like us or live in another area where cold snaps and winter storms are just part of the package. In either case, please remember that while Boxers are strong powerful dogs, they are not invulnerable to the effects of winter. He or she will silently thank you for it, and before you know it, spring will come. Things to do now Submit photos of your Boxer for us to place on this site. Browse Boxer Dog Supplies - Our recommended care products for optimal health, comfort, and happiness.

Check out our book - Simply the most comprehensive, helpful Boxer dog care book that exists. You may also like: Boxer Dog Water Requirements - How much water a Boxer should be drinking each day and ways to help your puppy or dog reach that goal. Boxer Dog Paw Issues - Covers what can go wrong and how to fix issues. Prevention and treatment. Boxer Dog Feeding Guidelines - How much, how often, dry vs wet, and top recommendations for optimal health.

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