HONEY: The True Story of Rescue, Foster, Adoption and LOVE

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Although abandoning a senior pet seems inconceivable to most of us, the unfortunate reality is that it does sometimes happen. Because of the generous donations of our friends and benefactors, we have been able to pull some senior dogs and place them into loving homes.

It takes a special person to give of themselves this way, and when we find them, we can provide the resources to help. Thrive has committed to paying the expense associated with medication and veterinary care while their Forever Foster Family provides food, a warm bed and LOVE.

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Thrive Animal Rescue is a non-profit, donation based rescue organization with c3 status. We depend on the generosity of our friends and benefactors to be able to keep going back and saving more dogs. Thrive's solitary goal when placing a dog into a new home, is that it is a good fit and the dog has received proper medical attention before joining their Forever Family. We were told that they were about 15 years old and our hearts ached for them!

HONEY: The True Story of Rescue, Foster, Adoption and LOVE

They are sooo beautiful and healthy and vibrant. After a thorough exam by our Vet it was confirmed they were much younger than originally thought. Hercules and his sister remained with us for a few months until they each found their furever homes! One week within each other too!

Here is Hercules with his new furever Mommy! Coco As stated above Coco and her brother Hercules came to us after we received a call for help. Coco and Hercules remained with us for a few months until they each found their furever homes! Here is Coco with her new furever Mommy! Happy Tails to both Coco and Hercules!!! Oreo Oreo was discovered along with her 2 sisters and 1 brother at a local by one of our volunteers.

They were only 4 weeks old!!! We immediately took all 4! Well after weeks of being with one of our amazing foster moms and being vetted and cared for our little Lady Oreo has found her furever home! Here she is with her new family of humans and fursibling! Trolle Trolle was another one of the pups that we took from a local loser who was selling them outside a convenience store to the highest bidder.

Trolle who was named by our foster moms four year old niece has now found her furever home. Here she is with her new brother Spencer, a fellow Pit and her feline sister. Happy Tails Trolle! Buddy was left alone all of the time, not groomed and not taken to the vet for checkups. At least he did the right thing. Well now Buddy has found his furever home and is once again feeling love with his new Mommy Alexa and Daddy Brian!

An Adoption Story - The Herring Family

Teddy also has a sister Mia that is also a rescue! They are all over the moon in happiness! Rex We came upon Rex and his brother Jinx when one of our sister rescues in the Carolinas reached out to us for help.

Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue :: Success Stories

We immediately found fosters and arranged for them to be brought to us in New York. Well here is Rex with his new family! Rex has and new mom, dad and brothers and sisters with 2 legs and 4! They have done so with all of their furchildren and for that we give a special shout out! Happy Tails Rex! Bandit formerly known as Jinx As stated above Jinx now called Bandit was abandoned with his brother at one of our sister rescues in the Carolinas.

When brought to New York he and his brother were placed with foster parents and put on one of our adoption pages.

Rescue pets of the week: Honey and Mike

Bandits new family had searched sooo many rescues trying to find their perfect furbaby match. They had all but given up hope when they came across Bandits adorable face! Bandit now has an amazing family who are over the moon in love! She wanted to be sure that Ming would find a home where she is able to live out the rest of her life and be loved. Well, Donna had seen our plea online and came to sad Mings rescue. Ming now lives with her new mommy and sister and will continue to know what love is. Her previous Mom had done a very brave thing and now she can rest easy knowing that her precious little girl is safe and loved.

Happy Tails Ming! Boomer Boomer was an owner surrender to our Rescue. Happy Tails Boomer! Penny Pretty Penny was an owner surrender to our rescue. Her previous owner worked long hours and poor Penny was left in a crate all day.

She was taken very well care of but was lonely and had no social skills whatsoever so her owner decided it was best for Penny to let her go. No sooner was Penny placed in a foster home than we had a wonderful family interested in her!! Her new Daddy had never owned a dog in his whole life because of allergies and was so happy when he heard Penny was hypoallergenic!

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  • Pennys foster mom fell in love with this amazing family and is getting constant updates on Pennys new life! She now has a Mommy, Daddy and 2 human sisters. She is enjoying being part of a big family! Happy Tails Penny! She was never taught to walk on a leash, to do tricks or anything else a family pet does. Congratulations to you all because you have a wonderful little girl in Betsy! Happy Tails Little Betsy! Lily Poor Lily had a wonderful life until her human mommy passed away. She was devastated, confused and just plain sad.

    When Lily came to us we knew she was a special girl. She needed someone to love her again. Well here is our baby with her new big brother. Lily also has a new mommy that will love her dearly. Life is good for you again Miss Lillian.

    George Today with happiness and tears we sent our little George on to the rest of his wonderful life. With a new Momma and as an only not if we can help it dog he is going to be loved and spoiled and treated the way he should have been his whole life! Thank you to every one who helped him in his journey from being a neglected and abused little man to the sweet boy he is now. He will be very missed around here. Happy Tails Georgie Boy!

    You are a lucky little dog!