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The central location makes it perfect for tourists and locals alike. Some 3. Surprisingly spacious for a facility nestled amidst Tokyo's sprawl and skyscrapers, the Ueno Zoo isn't only home to the usual tigers, gorillas and hippos but also species uncommon to other zoos, such as the African okapi and the elusive Japanese giant salamander.

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Some of the enclosures could benefit from a little work to create a more natural environment, but overall, Ueno does pretty well for an urban zoological park. The monorail running through the park, which is more useful as a diversion for visitors with kids than actual transportation, was the first of its kind built in Japan. Trivia: Ueno Zoo is quite possibly the only zoo that offers visitors a chance to sample the same foods the animals eat. The "Momoko Healthy Lunch" is an exact copy of the fruits, nuts, vegetables and legumes fed to the zoo's lowland gorillas albeit in human-sized portions.

Located an hour west of central Tokyo by train, Tama Zoo is known for its large and realistic habitats. Roughly four times the size of Ueno Zoo, its spacious enclosures are arranged on and around a large hill, making a visit more of a hike than a stroll. Shuttle buses also ply the paths for those who prefer a little assistance. Other features include an orangutan skywalk, in which the simians can freely move hand over hand between enclosures, and a Lion Garden, in which visitors can take an armored, meat-festooned bus on a spin through the enclosure of the big cats.

Speaking of which, the tiger enclosure is worth a visit as well. It includes a giant cat toy made out of ropes and tires that visitors can jiggle for the predators to pounce on. Just watch out you don't get yanked into the air yourself when they start pulling back. It's hard to imagine something like this existing in more lawsuit-obsessed nations. The last time the Games came to Scotland, in Edinburgh in , they were marred by a boycott by many African and Caribbean nations, and a financial crisis leaving the city shortchanged.

Delhi might have lacked a lot of things, but what it had in spades was soul: from enthusiastic locals to a band of volunteers and back-stage workers who revelled in creating a party atmosphere. Glasgow will be acutely aware that it can tick preparatory boxes all it likes, but it requires that extra, spontaneous ingredient in order to ensure its Games go down as truly great.

The basic recipe is there: aside from its headline athletics stars, there will also be top-level competition at the Tollcross Park Swimming Centre, where home hero Michael Jamieson will bid for what would be one of the most popular gold medals.

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In the boxing ring, Josh Taylor and Charlie Flynn will lead the host nation in a competition which promises to throw up plenty of high-octane all-British dust-ups, with Wales and Northern Ireland also getting in on the act. But there is no escaping the fact that, in terms of elite-level competition, the Commonwealth Games can be made to look increasingly anachronistic. He sips a spoonful of pea soup as his year-old son, Art Junior, appears and says hello, before heading off to wait at the bar.

He broke my heart a little. We harmonise.

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When I order room service and they get it wrong I try so hard to be kind and I fail. How could you get one wrong? Listen to the address and take me there. Don't you care about your job? When we get together, with his guitar, it's a delight to both of our ears.

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A little bubble comes over us and it seems effortless. We blend. So, as far as this half is concerned, I would say, 'Why not, while we're still alive?

He then seems to address not me but his old friend. How could you let that go, jerk? Actually, another question strikes me.

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I speculate about whether Paul Simon might have a Napoleon complex. Is there a height thing there, between them? He adds that at school he felt sorry for Paul because of his height, and he offered him love and friendship as a compensation. End of interview.

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  • When he drifts off back to the lifts, singing to himself again, I check my watch. Turns out his mental clock, when he guessed how far we were through the interview, was exactly right. Art Garfunkel tours the UK this September. Tickets are on sale now from www. Terms and Conditions.

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