Media, Elections, And Democracy: Royal Commission on Electoral Reform: 19 (Research Studies, V. 19)

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Numerous videos were uploaded to the Internet depicting the November protests in Iran in the wake of an increase in fuel prices. In a warning to the protesters, he said that his govern He said that it means death to the American leaders — presiden During the lecture, which Umm Iyad Al-Ashqar, the mother and aunt of two Palestinian "martyrs," said in an October 28, interview on Al-Quds Al-Youm Palestine — Islamic Jihad that if every Palestinian mother was selfish with regard to sacrificing her children for the sake of Jihad and Allah, then th He said that the West is unworthy of bearing the standard of human rights, that human rights are the ideological foundation o He promised that the Jihad against Israel will contin Abdulaziz Al-Rays said in an October 30, interview on Diwan Al-Mullah Internet TV Kuwait that people should support their ruler even if he abuses his power, steals money, commits adultery, and drinks alcohol, because obedie Using puns and plays on words, Hmouz said that the J Lebanese political analyst and criminal lawyer Sandrella Merhej said that Hizbullah and the Shiites do not control any areas in Lebanon.

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Rouhani clarified He said that the nuclear sites experience as ma Wider benefits from PR have been identified in societies using it as compared to those using FPTP , including higher scores on the UN Human Development Index , a measure of health, education, and personal security, higher economic growth, less inequality, and better environmental protection.

Review of the 17th Lok Sabha Elections

Academics agree that the most important influence on proportionality is an electoral district's magnitude , the number of representatives elected from the district. Proportionality improves as the magnitude increases. At one extreme, the binomial electoral system used in Chile between and , [36] a nominally proportional open-list system, features two-member districts. As this system can be expected to result in the election of one candidate from each of the two dominant political blocks in most districts, it is not generally considered proportional.

At the other extreme, where the district encompasses the entire country and with a low minimum threshold, highly proportionate representation of political parties can result , parties gain by broadening their appeal by nominating more minority and women candidates.

The electoral threshold is the minimum vote required to win a seat. The lower the threshold, the higher the proportion of votes contributing to the election of representatives and the lower the proportion of votes wasted.

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All electoral systems have thresholds, either formally defined or as a mathematical consequence of the parameters of the election. A formal threshold usually requires parties to win a certain percentage of the vote in order to be awarded seats from the party lists. However, well regarded candidates who attract good second and third, etc. Thus, in a six-seat district the effective threshold would be 7.

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Party magnitude is the number of candidates elected from one party in one district. As party magnitude increases a more balanced ticket will be more successful encouraging parties to nominate women and minority candidates for election. But under STV, nominating too many candidates can be counter-productive, splitting the first-preference votes and allowing the candidates to be eliminated before receiving transferred votes from other parties. An example of this was identified in a ward in the Scottish local elections where Labour , putting up three candidates, won only one seat while they might have won two had one of their voters' preferred candidates not stood.

A president is always elected as a winner winner-takes-all , and as such a president may exist above a parliament that was voted in according to a different election format. This situation is found particularly in South America. In the case of Brazil, for instance, an empowered President is elected while the House was elected proportionally. The strong position of the single President is countered by a much divided House and this may result in a weakening of the benefits associated with proportional representation. Compare this situation to the United States, where the strong President is countered by just two parties that can be considered both by themselves as also strong.

With a proportionally elected House, a President may strong-arm certain political issues. A Prime-Minister is never elected, but is a 'derivative' of the general election.

  1. The Conservative Party and the Impact of the 1918 Reform Act.
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  3. Ethical considerations regarding public opinion polling during election campaigns.
  4. In most cases, the power of the government is not split among different sections of the government of President, Senate and House and power is found with just the House. A Prime-Minister can be seen more as a manager than as a straight-out leader. Nations with district elections such as the UK and nations with proportionally elected representatives such as Spain can have a Prime-Minister. Other aspects of PR can influence proportionality such as the size of the elected body, the choice of open or closed lists, ballot design, and vote counting methods.

    In many contexts, it is desired to evaluate how well do the awarded seat shares approximate proportionality. However, only exact proportionality has a single unambiguous definition.

    Electoral reform - Wikipedia

    A seat allocation is proportional only if the seat shares are equal to the vote shares. If this condition is not met, the seat allocation is disproportional. Consequently, an index of proportionality will only take two values, one if the allocation is proportional and the other if it is not. In practice, it may be more interesting to examine the degree to which the number of seats won by each party differs from that of a perfectly proportional outcome. In other words, how disproportional is the seat allocation. Unlike exact proportionality, disproportionality does not have a single unambiguous definition.

    Any index that takes the value of zero if the seat allocation is proportional and a larger value if it is not measures disproportionality. Some disproportionality concepts have been mapped to social welfare functions. Disproportionality indexes are sometimes used to evaluate existing and proposed electoral systems. For example, the Canadian Parliament's Special Committee on Electoral Reform recommended that a system be designed to achieve "a Gallagher score of 5 or less".

    II. Planning for polling and results announcement

    This indicated a much lower degree of disproportionality than observed in the Canadian election under first-past-the-post voting , where the Gallagher index was The Loosemore-Hanby index is calculated by subtracting each party's vote share from its seat share, adding up the absolute values ignoring any negative signs , and dividing by two. The Gallagher index is similar, but involves squaring the difference between each party's vote share and seat share, and taking the square root of the sum. Party list proportional representation is an electoral system in which seats are first allocated to parties based on vote share, and then assigned to party-affiliated candidates on the parties' electoral lists.

    This system is used in many countries, including Finland open list , Latvia open list , Sweden open list , Israel national closed list , Brazil open list , Nepal Closed list adopted in in first CA election, the Netherlands open list , Russia closed list , South Africa closed list , Democratic Republic of the Congo open list , and Ukraine open list. For elections to the European Parliament , most member states use open lists; but most large EU countries use closed lists, so that the majority of EP seats are distributed by those. In closed list systems, each party lists its candidates according to the party's candidate selection process.

    This sets the order of candidates on the list and thus, in effect, their probability of being elected. The first candidate on a list, for example, will get the first seat that party wins. Each voter casts a vote for a list of candidates. Voters, therefore, do not have the option to express their preferences at the ballot as to which of a party's candidates are elected into office.

    At war, 1941–45

    There is an intermediate system in Uruguay, where each party presents several closed lists, each representing a faction. Seats are distributed between parties according to the number of votes, and then between the factions within each party. In an open list, voters may vote, depending on the model, for one person, or for two, or indicate their order of preference within the list.

    Electoral Reform

    These votes sometimes rearrange the order of names on the party's list and thus which of its candidates are elected. Nevertheless, the number of candidates elected from the list is determined by the number of votes the list receives.

    In a local list system, parties divide their candidates in single member-like constituencies, which are ranked inside each general party list depending by their percentages. This method allows electors to judge every single candidate as in a FPTP system. Some party list proportional systems with open lists use a two-tier compensatory system, as in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. In Denmark , for example, the country is divided into ten multiple-member voting districts arranged in three regions, electing representatives.

    In addition, 40 compensatory seats are elected. Voters have one vote which can be cast for an individual candidate or for a party list on the district ballot. To determine district winners, candidates are apportioned their share of their party's district list vote plus their individual votes. The compensatory seats are apportioned to the regions according to the party votes aggregated nationally, and then to the districts where the compensatory representatives are determined. In the general election, the district magnitudes, including compensatory representatives, varied between 14 and The basic design of the system has remained unchanged since its introduction in The single transferable vote STV , also called choice voting , [55] [56] is a ranked system : voters rank candidates in order of preference.

    Voting districts usually elect three to seven representatives. The count is cyclic, electing or eliminating candidates and transferring votes until all seats are filled. A candidate is elected whose tally reaches a quota , the minimum vote that guarantees election.