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Meredith Guidry is one member of a large family, who own a venue for galas, parties and ladies luncheons.

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Meredith is in love with Major, but is waiting for him to make a move. Time seems to be running out for both of them, as other people come into their lives, forcing them to confront their true feelings. No heavy handedness here, so thank you Ms.

I may try another. I received this book through Library Thing Early Reviewers, so I thank them for the chance to rethink my aversion to a genre I had avoided. LibraryThing member YesVirginia. I tried. I really, really tried to finish this book. It was like facing down a plateful of luke warm, naked mashed potatoes. Where was the flavor of Louisiana? Where was the spice of romance? Where was the meat? The book did have traces of "salt of the Earth" Christianity with its talk of Sunday School, ministers, services and such, but the characters were pretty flat.

I couldn't identify with any of the main characters for more than a page or two. No sooner did the heroine rescue a puppy, than the poor beast was relegated to oblivion for twenty pages, then was merely mentioned in a superfluous having-to-clean-up-after-him aside. I love dogs. Give me more dog.

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We have a chef for the protagonist, but little detailed mention of what or how he cooked, just copious references to stryofoam containers. I love to cook, give me cooking detail! To be fair, I gave up at page The characters and the reader spent too much time inside their heads. Perhaps I simply expected too much based on the back cover blurb, which promised an excellent story. Instead, the author told us what the two main characters were thinking instead of showing us by their words and actions.

I would like to see Kaye Dacus try again, but with a story set in her own neck of the woods for better authentic flavor. And it wouldn't hurt to have the big dramatic obstacle that's keeping the hero from the heroine be a little bigger and more dramatic than caring for a mentally unstable mother. I'm sorry I couldn't find more positive things to say for this Christian romance than just that it does not offend my sensibilities as a Christian.

LibraryThing member punxsygal.

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I'm a third of the way into the book and the characters have still not caught my attention. Meridith Guidry, 30 something successful event planner longs for the attention of Major O'Hara. However, after years of longing she is still doing nothing about it and sits around bemoaning the attentions of her large family. Major O;Hara is in love with Meredith but has family encumbrances of his own.

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In a world of party planning and cooking professionals, there seems to be no heat, no cooking, no events. While every romance does not have to have graphic erotic descriptions, I was unable to even feel any warmth between the characters as they were spending all their time avoiding each other.

LibraryThing member ali For those who are looking for a bodice ripper, this is not the novel for you. This is a romance with a Christian perspective. Every two to four chapters, characters are praying to God or thanking God in some way. The problem? They haven't told each other.

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Major doesn't tell Meredith because his mother has schizophrenia, and he doesn't believe Meredith will want to be saddled with such a mother in law. Meredith doesn't want to tell Major about her love for him because she's traditional and wants the man to make the first move. So they've known each other for eight years and they haven't progressed beyond being friends.

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Personally, I would have said something to Major after three years, whether I was a traditional woman or not! LibraryThing member cyderry. I really didn't know what to expect when I got this book through LT's ER program so I was pleasant surprised as I read this light-hearted romance and realized that there was another book that preceded this one. I'll have to find it. Meredith Guidry, the heroine, is in her mid-thirties and has had a "crush" on Major O'Hara that's his real name for 8 years while he worked with her. Since he doesn't seem to be interested in her, Meredith makes pledge to herself on New Years Day to make an effort to move on and find someone to share her life with.

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In the meantime, Major is harboring secrets, including his feelings for Meredith, which complicate matters. The journey that both characters take in this story is amusing, entertaining, and at points enlightening. A fun read. LibraryThing member mholles.

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Meridith and Major have been in love with each other for awhile, but have been afraid to tell the other how they feel incase it would end thier friendship. It's a cute story with good characters. I didn't read the first book in the series, but I didn't feel I was missing any important information about the characters in this story. Readers can jump into the series with the second book without missing any of the story line. The Guidry's of Bonneterre are a large family so there should be more good stories to come. There is a deffinite element of faith to the story, but it is well written and an integral element to the characters.

It is not over done and off putting to readers who don't regularly read Christian fiction. Overall, it is a book that I can recommend to many different types of readers. LibraryThing member bwightman. I received this book through LibraryThing's Early Reviewer program. I was not drawn into the story or characters at all. The plot centers around an event planner and a catering chef, both in love with the other, but reluctant to admit it.

I found the story formulaic and the characters pretty stereotypical. This is definitely not a book I would have picked up myself to read, and it was a chore to finish. LibraryThing member abrown I did not realize that this book was Christian Fiction when I first started reading it. The book revolves around two people who are in love with each other but neither knows that the other is in love with them.

The characters have been in love with each other for 8 years so I found it hard to believe that neither had caught on that the other shared their feelings. Didn't care for this book. LibraryThing member bgherman. This was a romantic book about a Chef and and event planner. Even though from the beginning that they would resolve their problems and get together, I enjoyed reading the book after the first few chapters.

It was a Christian fiction, which I found rather refreshing. LibraryThing member cherryblossommj. What an enjoyable contemporary romance read! This is a sequel, but easily could be read and loved alone, but if you skip to this one it will make you eager to go back and read the first novel as well.

The characters are real and fast to fill into your heart and bring you along on their journey.