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In fact, it could be deadly. BreeAnn White has lived an idyllic childhood and she's on her way to an even more promising college career. Then she finds out that her childhood, her memories, her very identity is packed with lies. She is on a mission to uncover all of the secrets of a sordid family past and to find out where she truly belongs.

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What she doesn't know is that as she peels back the layers of dishonesty, she is uncovering secrets best left hidden. For danger awaits her as she discovers the extreme measures a man will take when he's bent on control and deception. The tooth fairy couldn't smell it. My father told me and my Catholic cousin that Easter was the day that Jesus rolled back the rock, and if he saw his shadow we'd have six more weeks of winter.

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My aunt was beyond pissed when my cousin broke that out at her first communion. It's actually based on a pagan ritual and was hijacked by the church. Look up as to why the date of Easter changes so much.

My dad told me oil stains on the street were little kids that got run over because they didn't hold anyone's hand while crossing the street. My aunt told my little cousin that after Halloween he would have to leave his bag of candy on the porch for some "Halloween spirit" to take.

So my cousin basically collected the neighbors candy to barter for some gift. My dad convinced me it was illegal to play with a toy or game if you were not in the recommended age groups. For example, if it said, 'for ages seven and up' and I was six, then it was illegal for me to play with it. Lilly Smith Report. My father told me that pears were apples from outer space. When I was little my mom told me that boogers were tiny pieces of my brain and I would get more and more dumb each time I picked them. And then you are the dumbest when it's a flue season then the brain leeks from your nose :p.

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My dad would tell me that I had a brother named Steve who misbehaved all the time so one day, the raccoon clan came and took him away. He spent so much time with them that he became a raccoon. I told all my friends and teachers about this until in fourth grade, it hit me. I convinced my son that I had eyes in the back of my head so I could we him and his brother misbehaving in the back seat while I was driving, a week later he wanted to comb my hair while sitting on the back of my chair, he took a really long time so I asked why, he said he was trying to see my eyes in the back of my head, I said I'm keeping them closed so you don't scratch them with the brush!

He believed this for a couple of years then figured out I could see him in the rearview mirror! Hey Zori, he was 5 years old, now he is 37 and owns his own glass blowing business. When my ex-girlfriend was a kid, she had misbehaved and her dad told her he was, "only going to buy her one boob when she grew up.

LedZacclin Report. Dad convinced us he had a special button to change red lights to green. Literally didn't realize he was bullshitting until I was My friend's parents told him there was a big beautiful fish that lived behind the bathroom mirror, and if he used too much water, it would die. When we go on a road trip I'm going to tell my kids, "If you go to sleep, we'll take the shortcut.

YellowPudding Report. When my son feels there was horrible unjustice done to him, and cry, because a catroon was too short, there wasnt something in the store he "needed" or just because the change of summer -winter time, I tell him I will write very angry complain to ministry of cartoons, time or whatever is needed, to let them know we can't accept such awfull conditions they put us threw.

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Works for several years now. My mom thought it was time for my younger sister 1. So my mom made up a story and told her that the pacifier had to go home and spend some time with it's mom too. My sister believed it and told my mom to let the pacifier go back home. From then on, she never used it again but sometimes she will ask how the pacifier is doing.

Chuck E Cheese in only for birthday parties.

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You have to be invited to one to go there. Imgur Report. My mom told me that eating bread crusts would give me curly hair. My daughter was afraid of monsters at night, like all kids. So I gave her a potato masher and told her it was a magic stick that keeps monsters away if she sleeps with it by her pillow. My mom showed the video of me being born in reverse and said that that's what happens to children who misbehave. Whenever the ice cream man came through my neighborhood and my father did not want to buy me ice cream, he would tell me that it was just the Beer Man and he'd let me know when the ice cream man actually was driving by.

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BukBasher Report. That if we jumped while on a plane, the plane would keep going and we would go flying backwards and slam into the rear wall. It worked for years and kept us sitting quietly in planes until my older brother made me try to jump. My mom hated swimming, so she told me she was allergic to water. At a young age I just believed her, but as I grew older, I asked her how she bathes? To which she convincingly replied "I have special medication for that. Until one very hot summer's day When I was a kid I was super sure that cats are the women of dogs I grew up eating a lot of sugar.

Much of it was served up by my parents and grandparents. Some veggies ARE very sweet.

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I've wondered for a long time if I wouldn't think those veggies are sweet treats if I hadn't consumed so much sugar and still do. My mom always asked my brother's kindergarten teacher what he had done during the day. Then, back at home, she would speak with him about these things, telling him that she had a special channel on her TV where she can watch him all day long.

My mom told me that when an earthquake happened, it was because our planet was fighting with another planet. I believed that crap until second grade. My friend ripped open a handwarmer, and when the powder got on his hands his parents told him his hands would disintegrate by age We looked up what disintegrate meant later that night, and he bawled hysterically while staring at his hands.

I was terrified to go near vents well into adulthood. It says so on the tag. My parents said if you play with your belly-button you'll pop like a balloon and fly around the room. We would go blackberry picking behind our house in the summer. In order for us not to pick the green, unripe berries, my mom would tell us to only pick the dark ones because the green ones meant that a dog had peed on it. We never touched the green ones.

Surprisingly, snakes also like blackberries, so always watch out for them, when picking them! My dad used to tell us amazing adventurous stories of when in he was in Klondike, fighting bears, eating wolves, living in a cave during the winter Until we realised he was born in oh, we live in Italy Amazing memories. I told my son, when I turned 34, that I went to the courthouse and had my age stopped.

He gave me handmade birthday cards, wishing me a happy 34th birthday for many years.