Our Friends, The Fed: Theres Something Funny bout the Guys Who Control Our Money

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Hillary is too suspicious. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Trump leads with an iron fist. He shows no weakness.

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  • Donald Trump.

Sure he may sometimes be both sexist and racist, but really… are we all. Actually the new tax laws help. Study up buttercup.

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The only difference is you have to update your w4 with your employer. If you have that filled out correctly then you should not have a problem. By the way, Trump had very little to do with the tax cut. The Republican Congress had that tax plan set for the last two decades, waiting to be able to get it passed with a large enough majority in Congress and having the White House.

The tax plan stuck all of the working-class with a much larger share of deficits, future budgets, and national debt to pay. Ya got screwed.

Another millennial who wants free stuff that will never happen. There is nothing free! It has to get money from somewhere. Only using you to get into office. It sickens me that you people claim to be better than us Hispanics yet, I worked thru college, and graduated. I have something called Pride. Vote for Bernie! And we will vote out all the democrats!! Maybe catapult you liberals to the UK. You liberals hate America, why are you still here? Its comments like this that makes me scared AOC is having an affect on the way people think. The people saying that trump is dividing the country are the actual ones spreading hate and division.

Two and three jobs? Will you list some specific examples of things Trump has done to earn the names you call him? He may embellish the truth about a lot of stuff but so does half the politicians in Washington. Exactly what laws has he broken as president? I also saw you call him a crook, can you explain that as well. You go on and keep living the dream in be proud that you and people like you being the ones thats dividing this country, not Trump.

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I stopped calling people names in 8th grade I think butif that makes you feel more empowered, got for it snowflake, just be sure to stay out of the sun. But in my line of work we also have a saying, my high school diploma fixes what your college degree messed up. Even though I did go to 4 years of trade school. In the next 5 years the plumbing trade is going to blow up and prices are going to go way up to hire a plumber. It maybe blue color but most of you would be surprised how much plumbers make.

Please move to a country where it will be more to your liking and this one will be here for you when you realize it is better left as is if you live long enough to return which is most likely not what will happen. Very grandiose, very sick.

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To call the man a follower of Jesus is an insult to the character of Jesus. My generation and ones behind me will pay higher taxes in the future I imagine for the greed of the baby boomer generation which includes Trump not all boomers are like this though. Overall, I do think wealthy folks should contribute more to this country instead of themselves and their wealth including their businesses. We have a serious deficit problem in this country. I vote red and blue, probably will not be voting for him in Hopefully a more moderate candidate emerges in the democratic primary.

You are also saying that there is more jobs than people which may be true but how does that matter in any degree and we are providing more jobs than housing to people.

Shall I leave my selfish husband?

Yeah there may be more jobs but those jobs require a physical address to even apply for which is hard when we dont have enough houses for americans citizens. Also the government has money for college im just sure your broke ass probably cant even afford it for one. And you wanna talk about government assited living but what about the americsns who live there? Did a mexican take your hpuse too. Also does your dumbass not grt that the ignorant wall gor one well pay oit of our pockets to build and its not only trapping them out but us in.

So maybe next time you should get advice from one on how to actually be a man and work as hard as they do. But i hope it comes down to it one day that your family gets departed and your kids and wife get taken and youll finally see how it feels you brain dead fucking ignorant ass Thanks. I think any discussion does not benefit by name calling. You just shut the person off to thinking about what you are saying.

I have read much on both sides of this and then I decide for myself. Others stated their case quite eloquently with facts.

Our Friends, The Fed: Theres Something Funny bout the Guys Who Control Our Money

If all of you would do this you might find that you have common ground and then look at your differences and give them a thorough review to find out if you have changed your mind about a thing or two. Wall cost 25 billion he spent 5. Already this year illegals cost us ,,, Yea billion so million times put one American news on they do running totals daily. The wall total cost what we spend on ideals in 8 days.

Think about that. Educate yourself. Every trump hater parrots things. Never reads and educated. Why your all lazy and dumb and uneducated. Anyone with a Col Deg that has no work. Cuz I hire every great person I meet. Not to mention, Trump hates America and proves it by not paying his fair share of taxes. You do not watch the complete news, do you? You need to focus more on what is really happening in the world.

You must want a dictator as President, If so China and Russia would love you. Seriously, just look up actual facts. Marylan Kay, Unbelievable. He has NOT divided America! And President Trump is desperately trying to clean up his mess.

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  5. Look at the economy now. Look at our military now. If you are a veteran, BO destroyed our military; President Trump has built it back up. Did you just seriously claim that One America News Network is the only legitimate source out there? They specialize in brief, easily digestible stories that are rarely critical of Trump. To be completely honest, I disagree with basically everything you said in your post, but I am also genuinely interested in your views and where they come from.

    As a great man once said, a house divided cannot stand. Like what specifically leads you to have that opinion? Also, what specifically is it about OAN that leads you to believe that they alone are honest in their reporting? What in your eyes has Trump done to bring Americans together rather than dividing us? How is he trying to clean it up?

    What did he do specifically that destroyed it? Like your diety, Don the Con, you believe that calling names is dialog.

    It is not. Show me any evidence you will not be able to that illegal aliens are draining billions from the poor rednecks who really ought to get it. All of the problems you cite drugs, failed budgets, violent crime, crappy schools, etc are more prominent in red states than in blue states. Look at Kansas — Sam Brownback had the statehouse and the legislature and he drove the state into near bankruptcy. Open your eyes! Fox is using you to enrich the few. Trump is using you to empower himself. Wake up and learn to read — it can only help you. Are u a small minded fool?? Do you really think that the wall is going to stop all tht shit?

    A man jungling several heavy items did the same damn thing. Obviously there is crime that comes from South of the border.