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I need to remember next time I go to Vancouver! Is there a typographical error in the quantity of beef and pork meat? The decimal seems to be in the wrong place to me…? That said, I really appreciate your step-by-step because it takes the intimidation factor out! You make it look easy, hence encourage people to try also!

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And of course, hambagu is a good recipe to have for family dinners! Learned something new. I tend to leave the hamburger bun on the side so I like the serving suggestion. This is a lovely easy family meal for busy households over the holiday season, Nami. Wishing you and yours much happiness and luck for Thanks for all your delicious recipes and stunning photos over the year.

I enjoy your blog so much.

Hester x. Hubs would be thrilled if I made this for him. He adores Japanese food so much and this is one of his favorite. Wow…these look really…. I have to print out the recipes. Love the sauce. Can tell from the ingredients. I would love to try one day. Thanks very much for sharing.

Recipes Mama Couldnt Toss

I love Japanese food but all of them look so delicate. A very gourmet version of the humble American burger. The glaze looks absolutely appealing. Excellent recipe, Nami. Thanks for sharing! Gosh, these look and sound outstanding! He lovesss Japanese hamburg. Especially in curry! This looks wonderful. I am sure I would love it because what I hate most is hamburger without any seasoning and these are just like those I make at home: with fried onions!

I am very intrigued by the meat ratio. I usually put half pork and half beef whenever I use ground meat. I must try this way next time. The hole in the patty is such a wise idea because whenever I make fried patties they tend to break… Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe and such useful tips. Talking about novels, do you know Natsuo Kirino?

I have just read one of her books and I loved it. What a coincidence I made something similar but with chicken.

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Your hambagu looks totally out of the world and the sauce yum.. It helped! My boyfriend loves hambagu kare! He was surprised when I first convinced him to try it, he was expecting a dry American hamburger patty and instead was delighted with the moist meatloaf-like Japanese version. I had to check it twice to make sure I was reading it right. Of course the sauce was more of a brown gravy which is completed different from yours. A lot lighter.

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This dish definitely takes me back! Lovely, lovely pics! Nami, I am reading tips from your mom and can hear the same words my mother would say. How cool is that! This looks delicious Nami. Ive never had Japanese Hamburger. Love the sound of these, especially that sauce. What a lovely family meal, Nami, and how wonderful that your mother involved you in the kitchen. I believe all good cooks learned from their mums! I like the beef and pork pairings.

Extra tasty! I never knew about the other variations. Nami, these sound wonderful, what a fun, unique version of a hamburger steak. You always have something interesting and delicious! Having onions at that point really give a nice sweet touch…your mother is a genius…!!! Moms are the best teachers, you were so lucky, as my mum used to scream on us and tell us to leave the kitchen, hahaha. Maybe because I have 2 sisters and we were very loud together.

Anyway I did not learn much from her and I regret it. I this the pan sauce is the crowning touch to your hamburger steaks-love the wine suggestion too-thanks;-. I always see this Play Catch method in Chinese cooking pgms, when chefs are invited to make a dish involving meat patties, meatballs etc. Your hamburger steak looks very moist and juicy! And thanks for the tip about the meat combo. This is something that I would serve my family on a regular basis. I usually use ground pork, chicken or turkey…even in my meatloaf…never beef.

I might have to buy some when I make this though. I usually prepare our meat patties like this and I never eat them on a bun, well except maybe tiny sliders. Looks very delicious. I would like to try and make it this weekend. Just one request. Would you have your own version for making it at home? Thanks so much! Hope you can find a good recipe somewhere. Thank you for asking and stopping by! I am mostly a non-meat eater, but my husband is an avid carnivore and I am always looking for new ideas. This goes in the to-do list.

I can imagine how soft and delicious these hamburger steaks would be with that combination as I might even use a little bit more pork over beef sometimes for a spaghetti bolognaise. Awesome recipe as always. Who knew there was a Japanese version of Salisbury steak?!


This is a very familiar dish for me and your version looks wonderful! Oh yummy — it looks so moist and delicious. Thanks for the sauce recipe!

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Thank you for the wine advise, we love to drink wine in our house and always tasting something new. I love the sauce a lot here, make a very interesting dish. I admire you for doing step by step photography, so much work.

You are the best Nami! Thanks for the helpful hints, Nami! Have bookmarked this recipe to try next time I make hamburger steaks! Also loved the description of the wine your hubby reviewed.