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Nor should all fiction be. Experimental fiction is something you write for the love of it. It is rarefied.

But it is important because it often forms the foundation of our creative ecosystem. Other artists musicians, painters, architects etc higher up the food chain read us and engage with our ideas and translate what we do.

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This year, as every year, there have been versions of the old op-ed standby that the Man Booker is succumbing to pretension or political correctness or snobbery or irrelevance. These all make for pleasingly attitudinal headlines but they ignore the glaring point that every single year you get a whole new panel of judges who make a whole new determination from a whole new batch of books. That has happened, and it can be agonising. This year though, Anna Burns was felt to be the answer to both. Easy good books will, with a bit of luck, find their audiences; easy bad books will do so too, because they are often fun in spite of or because of their badness.

Difficult bad books will tend to die in a ditch; and difficult good books, without a helping hand, are likely to do so too. These prizes are set up to reward the best literary fiction. Here, though, something of a definitional abyss opens. Fair enough. There are indeed good and bad books but books also succeed and fail — and are responded to by readers — in relation to the genres they fit into or escape from.

Like it or not, literary fiction is a category that we use. And if it is just another genre and needs to get over itself, fine. We can identify features of other genres. Aliens and nanobots? SF, more often than not. Guns and hats and dead bodies? Dossiers and dead drops? Spy novels. Literary fiction can, like most fiction, be unimportant.

Pretentious, impenetrable, hard work ... better? Why we need difficult books

It can also be unserious: some of the best of it is. That may be true, some of the time — but these things are more likely to be symptoms than necessary features. That can be moral or psychological complexity — crudely, the goodies and baddies are less clearly delineated — but it can also be, and tends to be in the best work, allied to a greater attention to the form and to the sentence-by-sentence language itself.

Prachi Priya Certified Buyer 4 days ago. A Girl to Remember. Initially I found it bore,but kept reading as I loved previous books by author and moving towards end It glued me and loved the message. It's totally differ Ankita Tripathi Certified Buyer Oct, Sakshi Iyer Certified Buyer 10 days ago.

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The Indian Economy. Mohit Sethi Certified Buyer 1 month ago. Best book for clearest concept building. Samuel Beckett, laureate as he was of existential despair, is wildly funny.

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So is James Joyce. So, in his pinstriped way, is TS Eliot. More recently, David Foster Wallace is almost dementedly prankish, as is Pynchon.

What is Gothic Horror and the Modern Victorian Ghost Story

All this is not to say that some difficult novels are not truly ghastly. If hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue, you could say that pretentiousness is the tribute that mediocrity pays to genius.


The lives of six characters are told through their revolving thoughts. The Golden Bowl by Henry James James is notorious for his complicatedly meandering sentences and this late novel takes it to a new level. Beloved by Toni Morrison The legacies of slavery and their intersections with patriarchy might seem subjects too difficult for scrupulous novelistic treatment.

Beloved makes readers suffer, but our suffering enlarges our world. He followed it with a book so intricate and sly that it feels like the cleverest revenge he could have wreaked on himself and his readers for that earlier triumph. Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne This takes nothing for granted about what a novel is meant to be. Difficulty has never been so much fun. Ulysses made difficulty central to the modernist aesthetic, but Joyce also delights in the baseness of the flesh and is unsettlingly funny and mischievous.

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Her prose takes us inside bodily experience and the inchoate recesses of personal identity in forensic, giddying ways. But it also shows how rich and revealing ambivalence itself can be.

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By structuring the novel as five interwoven notebooks, Lessing sends her characters wheeling through endless different attitudes towards their complex identities. Outline by Rachel Cusk Cusk follows in the tradition of The Waves in evacuating the novel of what we expect of character and description, instead charting with pin-point coolness the terms of our disconnection from one another. In so doing, the deepest truths that connect people emerge. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Books.

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