Wild Goose Chase

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Of course!

Wild Goose Chase: Chasing Your Way to LinuxCon Could Win You $ - The Linux Foundation

Photo Credit: yen. Those steps have the same zigzag pattern as stairs down any slope—hence the name.

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People would lay the end of a long plank on one step, placing the other end on the deck of the ship. This enabled them to travel with goods between ship and shore.

wild goose chase

At high tide, the plank would go on a higher step than at low tide. It's harder to see that this time, but in the latter image I think we need to focus on where the beams meet the posts in upside-down L shapes. I enjoyed Russell's thought-provoking photos so much that I hope to feature several more in future blogs. It'll be great fun to see what the signs signify!

What Exactly Is a “Wild Goose Chase”?

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    Views Read Edit View history. The equine connection was referred to a few years before Shakespeare's usage, in Gervase Markham's equestrian instructional manual A Discource of Horsmanshippe , Markham describes the rules of the race at length, the essential point being that the horses follow each toher like geese in flight:.

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    That meaning had been lost by the 19th century. In Grose's Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue , , he defines the term much the way we do today:. The film ' The Wild Geese ' alluded to the phrase in its title. This refers back to Irish mercenaries who 'flew' from Ireland to serve in various European armies in the 16th to 18th centuries.

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